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    Picture of Physicians and Nurses. There is two male Physicians, two female Physicians, one male Nurse, and two female Nurses. They are all smiling and standing next to each other.

    Mission, Vision and Values


    Our Mission is to provide excellent healthcare for our patients, with compassion, respect and dignity.


    We envision being the healthcare provider of choice by:

    Providing continuity of care
    Improving the lives of those we serve
    Upholding our reputation of excellence
    Offering convenient and accessible healthcare
    Promoting wellness and healthy living
    Maintaining financial strength and integrity

    We envision being the healthcare employer of choice by:

    Recognizing the value, importance and contributions of every employee
    Promoting teamwork
    Encouraging professional growth


    A High Standard of Care
    Quality and Safety
    Good Stewardship of Resources
    Safe and Secure Environment